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How ready are you for a new approach to your personal professional development? The practice of coaching (literacy, instructional) has existed in our schools for some time, but have you, as a leader in a school system, ever had the opportunity to learn about yourself and your leadership through a coaching relationship? How would you benefit from investing in the fine-tuning of your expertise? How would your teams benefit? Your teachers? Students?


There is a sad tendency in education to view coaching from a deficit lens, meaning coaches are for people who need support, who are failing.’s what I know about that kind of thinking: Those thoughts are coming from a person who has never been coached by a professional! It's the thinking of someone who doesn't know what they don’t know. People who hire coaches are people who understand the power in a partnership of being coached to accomplish their goals, 100% focused on the agenda they bring! It’s a powerful, individualized process that focuses on you, your energy, and your goals.


How ready are you to embrace the possibilities of looking at coaching through an asset-based lens? To approach your professional learning via coaching?Check out the packages that might best suit your district, building, or individual needs.


We are all leaders. We lead our thought lives, our families, our decisions, our friend groups, our lives.

Coaching focused on leadership and energy supports:

  • Awareness around the seven energy levels

  • The development of a mastery mindset - ask me about what this means!

  • Shifting into energy that serves you best

  • Accountability

  • The attainment of short and long term goals

  • Building awareness around what might get in your way or hold you back

  • Creating plans to move you forward

  • Developing your vision of ideal leadership

  • You...and your agenda

Leadership & Energy Coaching

I’m on a mission to create a world for teenagers where they feel empowered and inspired! 

I want teens to understand their purposes, trust themselves, and live with confidence and joy! How might I support a teenager you love?

A coach can support a teen to:

  • Create and attain goals

  • Improve grades

  • Develop and foster healthy, meaningful relationships

  • Increase productive energy

  • Exercise more control

  • Experience more peace and joy

  • Grow appreciations for fulfillment

Coaching for Teens
Instructional & Literacy Coaching

When working collaboratively with principals, these are some of the most powerful positions we have in our school systems! How are you setting up new coaches for successful launches in their buildings? How are you supporting and developing the coaches who have been in your system for years? How might we partner to enhance what you’ve started?

Partnering with me as your coach we can:

  • Create a coaching program around your district/building vision 

  • Create a culture of coaching

  • Position coaches to work toward the instructional and literacy coaching standards

  • Refine and/or refresh approaches to coaching, creating coaching priorities

  • Establish or reestablish coaching cycles and processes for monitoring them

  • Engage coaches in leadership coaching
Instructional & Literacy Coaching
Image by NeONBRAND

New Teachers

How do you systemically support new teachers? In many districts, we assign them a buddy teacher, hoping a mentoring relationship will develop. We all recognize the problem with this approach: Time, or the lack of it, a mentor has to offer. What if you invested in your new teachers with an experienced literacy and energy coach? 


Advancing Equity

In Wisconsin we’re engaged in the work around the opportunity gaps that exist in the system. What about your district? How is that work going? What’s the energy around ableism, identities, privilege, and biases? How might coaching individuals lead to a different energy and culture around equity for all of our students?

New Teacher & Advancing Equity Coaching
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