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How True Is This For Your District?

Updated: May 13, 2021

It’s a truth I’ve seen in many different districts I’ve worked in as a consultant and literacy coordinator. I see an abundance of catabolic energy (soul sucking, destructive energy) in our school systems, and not just this year due to all the instructional challenges COVID brought to us! Our school systems are filled with this unproductive energy.

When talking with adults I hear:

  • Fear & Worry

    • What is Central going to do when they see my (student) data?

    • Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing?

  • Powerlessness

    • My building is so big, there is no way to hold teachers accountable for….

    • I can’t make anyone do anything.

  • Overwhelm

    • I teach science. Now you want me to be a reading teacher?

    • It’s too much. There’s always more being added to our plates.

Here’s my concern:

If we do not address this low energy thinking it impacts the stories our teachers and leaders tell themselves, and it leads to undesirable outcomes for everyone, adults and students. You've seen it at work. This energy presents as low morale, apathy, indifference, lack of enthusiasm for the work, leaving the profession/district. Our teachers and leaders deserve a better way!

How ready are you to address the catabolic energy in your district?

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